Best New Board Games for Christmas 2011 – 2012

If you’ve never had a family game night, you should start one. Even if you don’t like your family, you should break out some old games to play with your friends. But there is nothing more fun that learning to play a new game with people you like hanging out with. Board games give people time to spend together, talking and laughing instead of just sitting around watching a movie. You can also get to know people very well while playing games. Cousin Ed might have been cool, but once you see how brutally competitive he is, you might not be so fond of him anymore as you go head to head to win one of these fantastic games. And with Christmas coming up, these games make great gifts!

Ravensburger Labyrinth Anniversary Edition Family Game 
This is a moving maze where you must obtain certain treasures. There are many routes to take to beat your opponents. Each player has a mission and the person who completes theirs first is the one to win. This is a 25th anniversary edition game that will entertain for 25 more years. With the maze that moves, you will rarely play the same game twice.

Phineas and Ferb Funniest Card Game Ever
This is a great game to play with younger family members who are sure to love the game based on the television show. Phineas and Ferb have interesting senses of humor and very entertaining imaginations. This is a very interactive game that will bring the storylines of the show to your table! It is sure to be a hit for those young ones who already watch the show and would love to be a part of it.

Girls Night Out Pink
Nothing is better than a girls night out, and now you can play a game made for just such an evening! The conversation will range from all kinds of things from intimate to daily topics and you will know just what the girls really think. Based on the topics, this game is recommended for ladies 18 year of age and older. With thought provoking questions to hilarious ones, you will surely get to know the girls even better than you thought you did.

UNO Roboto Game
UNO has been a classic game for decades. Find fun with this new kind of game. The Wild Card will bring the robot to life that speaks and makes unique house rules. As you play, the robot will call out different directions so the way you play will change periodically. This robot puts a whole new spin on the old classic card game. But don’t worry, the same rule applies that you have to yell “Uno!” when you have one card left!

Tivial Pursuit Ultimate Disney Edition
Many people have a hard time playing trivial pursuit, but almost anyone can play this game with ease! And everyone loves Disney, so brush up on your Disney info and get the game going. The whole family gets involved as you must think of answers from the famous stories and movies. There are three question types, Take 2 Trivia, My Disney and Disney List. This game is recommended for ages 8 and up.

Cooking Scrabble
This is yet another classic game with a new spin. This cooking edition game is just like the favorite word game we have all come to love. You can earn bonus points and there are recipe cards to follow as you try to beat the other players with your creative cooking words. And for your tiles, a miniature grocery bag keeps them all tucked away. Make sure to have some snacks on hand as you play because it is sure to work up your appetite!

Beat The Parents
With this game, the kids can be the rulers! The questions are geared to stump both kids and parents alike. Parents are asked questions that their kids should certainly know and vice versa. Do the parents know who stars in their favorite blockbuster movies? Can the kids spell cappuccino? Avoid the wild card spaces or you will go back and that is a sure way to lose the game. The first person to make it to the end with all their tokens wins!

Say Anything 
This game will let you know what your friends really think and let them know what you really think. Maybe in some cases that isn’t such a good thing, but with this game, you are sure to have fun! With questions to push your hot buttons and start some classic debate, to questions that make you really think, you will have fun hearing what everyone has to say. Your answers are written down and the person chosen will pick the one they like best.

Loaded Questions
Do you think you know what your friends and family are thinking? Well this game is to test your knowledge of how well you know them. When you guess their answers to these mind probing questions, you get to move your piece along the board. There are over 500 questions so you might get lucky or unlucky with the draw. Walk away feeling sure you know the people you are supposed to know, or questioning if you know them at all!

Table Topics Family
It is proven that families who eat meals together talk more and have closer relationships in general and with this game you can do it without a meal. This game is sure to get the conversations going with all kinds of topics. You will have fun getting to know what your kids think about topics you would never have thought to ask them about and they will learn more from you as you apply your wealth of knowledge with this game. Your kids will also learn conversation skills so they will be able to talk to anyone of any age confidently. This game comes with 135 questions so the fun will go on for a long, long time.

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