Best Selling Board Games of 2011-2012

Who doesn’t love family game night? Is your game closet bursting with old and dated games? If you are looking for some new board games to spice up your social life, look no further. And with Christmas just around the corner, you might be curious as to what kind of gift to get someone you know. It really depends on the person but here we will discuss different types of great selling board games that are currently popular with all ages. So if you want one for yourself, for your brother or your kids, there are plenty of ideas here. Also be sure to check out these party board games for adults.

Goosebumps One Day at Horrorland Game
This is a great game for kids ages 7 and up. Goosebumps is a popular children’s book series with all kinds of spooky stories. Now they can be a part of their favorite stories. This game features an amusement park where your life is at stake. It is full of scary rides full of hidden skulls that want steal the very breath from you. The winner will be the one who can live through all the rides and get back to the entrance alive.

The Game of Things
This game is sure to keep you laughing for hours with your friends. There are several hundred topic cards that require humorous answers. The object of the game is to figure out who said something and trying to match up phrases with the people around the table is sure to be fun. For instance, a question is asked such as “What you would do if you were President”. When the answers are read, the answer with the most laughs wins that round. Answers can be outrageously obnoxious or straight laced and serious. The Game of Things is great for all ages; just make sure to use appropriate responses when playing with younger people.

Nickelodeon iCarly Charades Game
The television show iCarly has been a huge hit among tweens in the United States. She is fun and quirky and so are her friends, as they get into all kinds of pickles. Any kind of charades game is fun, but when you put an iCarly spin on things, they are sure to be entertaining.

Wood Expressions Wooden Sudoku
This is a very nice wood Sudoku set to add to your collection. It includes pull out drawers to store the pieces and is simply beautiful. It is a perfect game for the ultimate strategist. The game can be played alone or with others, so if you find yourself solo on a Friday night, pull out this game! Strategy games have been proven to exercise the mind and increase brain activity. And it has been reported that games like this can stave off dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Black Backgammon Set
Backgammon has been a popular game for hundreds of years. It is believed to have originated in Mesopotamia. Pieces have been bones, rocks, pottery or pieces of wood. This set comes in a beautiful black case with polished pieces. So if you are just learning to play, or are a veteran, having this in your collection of classic games is well worth it. It can be a great gift for a Backgammon beginner.

New Mayfair Games World Without End Family Board Game
This is a unique family game for the adventure enthusiast. The game is based on a novel by Ken Follett. As the game is played, you will find all kinds of adventures and mishaps to work your way through while making sure your character is taken care of. You must keep track of your supplies, money and can work your way up in popularity. Make sure to use your medical knowledge to avoid the evil in the game.

No, this is not a game where you have to eat the spicy goodness of wasabi. Instead, you are an apprentice to a sushi guru. You will have to work with various combinations of recipes and sushi making skills. You can earn bonus points for completing recipes with unique qualities. Have fun with your favorite food!

Deluxe Dirty Minds
Though it makes one think that this game is full of XXX talk, it is known to be the cleanest dirty game. The key is to actually keep your mind as clean as possible while you play the game. Sounds backwards right? Well, that is the point. This game is great for a group setting, but be sure to explain it to all your guests lest they think you are a perverted host. This game is supposed to be even more hilarious than the original.

The Dangerous Book for Boys Game
This is a fun and adventurous game for boys of all ages. It was created after the Dangerous Book for Boys was released years ago. You find yourself shipwrecked but you can save yourself with some smart thinking and good old fashioned fun. It does help if you have read the book but it is not a prerequisite. Every time you have success in the adventures, you earn pieces to build your boat to get back to civilization. The person can sail away is the winner. So test your knowledge of knots, building things and girls to see if you can make your way back home.

Apples to Apples Party Box
This game has been very popular for years and has won numerous awards. Each player takes turn reading a sentence and then the other players must pick one of their one word cards to best represent the subject. Sometimes there is nothing applicable so choosing something funny can earn you the vote. The judge picks the one they like best. The trick is that the judge picks the one they like best, not the one that is the most appropriate. So you are at the mercy of each individual judge. In the game Apples to Apples the fun can then continue when players talk about their choices and why they picked them.

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