Best Party Board Games for Adults 2011 – 2012

With the holidays soon approaching and parties being planned you may be wondering what games would be fun, inclusive, and great for a party atmosphere. If you are thinking of doing a board game for your party we have the top 10 board games of the year, both old and new. Fun for all your guests, these games will get everyone up and participating.

Best Board Games for Parties in 2011


First on the list, we have Telestrations. Awarded the Best Party Games of 2011 by Games Magazine, this game is fun and simple. This game is basically the telephone game, but with drawings. You draw a word from the deck and write the word on your booklet. You also draw a picture on the next page and pass it on. It’s a guessing and drawing game which combines Pictionary and telephone for something unique and fun for the whole group. What makes the game fun is drawing skills of the different players may change the word drastically or people may mess up just for laughs. Telestrations not being too serious or competitive makes this game full of fun for the party.


If you are looking for a new game that’s easy to play Morphology is the way to go. This game has the quality of Pictionary with a new twist. Players are separated into teams and one person can draw a card from the deck. The card will have a word, but instead of drawing the player must use the shapes and pieces provided to make the word. Like Pictionary, the player’s teammates must guess the word in the time allowed. If the word is guessed correctly the team’s frog gets to move forward on the board one lily pad. Invented by Kate Ryan Reiling, Time Magazine dubbed Morphology the #2 game of 2010. This creative game is a new take on board games and is sure to get your guests having a great time.


Third on the list is Funglish. This game is another deviation of Pictionary, but you can’t draw, talk, or act anything out. You draw a card and need to use the provided tiles to describe it. The tiles are descriptive and provide clues so you can arrange them quickly before time runs out. With 120 tiles you’ll find the right words to describe the word and get your team guessing. The word guessing game keeps people on their toes and while yelling out answers the energy of the room goes up, getting the party rolling.

Say Anything

Next up is Say Anything, an opinion party game that’s sure to get everyone playing. One player draws a card and asks the question written. The other players write an answer and quickly put it down, face up so people can see. There are no duplicates allowed. The first player who read the question chooses their favorite and the rest of the players “bet” on which answer they thought you chose, using the provided tokens. This is a fun way to get to know people or to find out what your friends think about the silly questions. It gets people laughing and discussion going, breaking the ice at any party.

Wits and Wagers

Wits And Wagers, created by North Star, can include up to 21 players, making sure no one is let out. This game asks trivia questions, but adds a fun twist. If you think another person knows the answer you can bet on them with provided tokens. You can even bet on your own answer. The closet to the correct answer wins and you could have hit the jackpot. This gambling game gets laughs because of the answer people write down. It could be spot on or the furthest from the answer. The only way to find out is to lay the money down.


Want to go back to games you know? Why not do Cranium? This game is diverse, appealing to people from every walk of life. If you’re a Creative Cat you may be asked to make something. If you are a Word Worm, maybe you’ll define something. There is something for everyone in this game and can be played with 4 players or more. Cranium has an element from almost every game. Move around the board or answer a multiple-choice question. You can draw, sing, or mold something out of clay. Whether you’re party if filled with left brainers or right brainers this game is for everyone and is sure to get your guests excited for the night.

Loaded Questions

Loaded Questions is a game that test how well you know people. A great ice breaker, you race around the board by guessing the answers of the other players correctly. This game is opinion oriented and simple to play. As the players move around the board based on the dice roll, they read out the question that goes with the color they landed on and the color coded questions. The other players write down their answers and the first player must match up the answers with the players that wrote them down. For every correct answer the player gets to move forward. The questions are not only funny, but they inspired discussions and form memories. You may win the game and get to know a few people from just playing. Loaded Questions explores peoples’ true personalities and opinions, making it easy to get to know each other, relax, and have a good time.


Tribond is another game sure to give hours of fun. This game give simple riddles to solve by asking “what do these three things have in common?” The game resembles Trouble because players each get three pawns and get them all from start to finish three different ways. As you move across the board you answer a variety questions, called Threezers. With each correct answer you get to move which ever die you choose. If two pawns land on the same space they have a battle and have to answer the question read faster than the other. The loser goes back to their original spot. While the game says two or more players it would be better for multiple gaming stations during a party, keeping the fun rolling in different areas. Simple, but intoxicating, the game will keep players entertained for hours.

Scene It

Scene It is one of those games everyone can enjoy and comes in different styles. Star Trek, Disney movies, Friends, or Harry Potter, this game has enjoyable clips and questions about your favorite movies and TV shows. Each Edition is fun and unique, making it a new experience for every game. The game includes trivia cards and questions about the scenes shown, keep the players on their toes for which ever challenge is next. You can sit back and watch the clips or watch the other players race around the board. There is never a dull moment with Scene It.

Battle of the Sexes

Last but not least is Battle of the Sexes. This game pits female against male to see who is better. The fun games tests your knowledge of the opposite sex with questions based on gender. From sports to pedicures this game has is all and surprises you with what the opposite sex knows. A simple board game, the players move with each correct question and each card has three questions. Two pawns may occupy the same space and each team gets two pawns. You win by getting both of your pawns to the other side of the board. Simple, fun, and fast everyone will enjoy the game for hours.

No doubt about it, if you are looking for party fun these board games for adults lead the pack. Whether you’re looking for a brain teaser like Cranium or a guessing game like Morphology these games are sure to get laughs and get your guests ready for a night filled with fun.

Best Board Games for Adults

Americans have created thousands upon thousands of board games through the years. Classics include Candyland, Chutes and Ladders, Connect Four, and Mousetrap. However, games like these target children under the age of eight, yet nearly every American plays a board game at least a couple of times a year. This is because board games span a number of different categories and target audiences, and that is why we want to make a list of the top ten board games for adults.1. Scrabble
Scrabble requires a high level of reading comprehension and knowledge of the English language that most children do not possess, and thus targets adult audiences. In this game, players draw seven tiles at a time, each with one letter of the alphabet on them (there are also two elusive blank tiles, which can be used to represent a letter of choice by the player who lays it down). Players then connect their letters to those of other words that have been played by the other opponents, and scores are determined by how common each letter is in the English language, as well as where the tile is laid down triple word scores are the most sought-after spaces in Scrabble.

2. Trivial Pursuit

Trivial Pursuit challenges players knowledge of the everyday world and popular culture, and is thus geared toward an older audience. Players roll the die to move to different spaces on a wheel around the board, and there are six main categories that each space may cover. When a player lands on a space, he answers a question from the category that is covered on that space. Once a player has landed on the six spaces that reward a player for a correctly answered question in each category, the player moves to the center of the wheel and answers a question of the choice of his or her opponent, and if he or she does so correctly, he or she wins. This game has been reproduced with several different themes, such as Star Wars or The Lord of the Rings.

3. Balderdash

Although the name of this game does not seem to cater to adults, Balderdash requires a superior knowledge of the English language to be successful. A die is rolled, and the person who rolls the highest becomes the “dasher”, and chooses a word on a card for the other players to define. They may either define the word correctly or make up a faulty but convincing alternative definition. Then all players guess from all the definitions available which is the correct one, and points are awarded accordingly. When a definition is guessed correctly, a player moves his token one space on the board, and the first player to reach the end wins.

4. Chess

If you want a sophisticated board game, chess may be at the top of the list. Chess is probably one of the few board games that has been sold for upwards of $100,000, depending on the material from which the playing pieces are constructed. The object of this two-player game is to kill your opponent’s king, at which point you have won the war. The various playing pieces have different abilities in movement, and players alternate moving one piece at a time. The heritage and sophistication of this classic game give it an appeal that is more mature than most board games.

5. Risk

Risk has the perfect balance of luck and skill required in a board game, in my humble opinion. The sophistication of the concept of this game caters to adult audiences. In Risk, players attempt to take over the world, using armies that fight by rolling the dice. Strategic placement of the colored cubes that represent armies can almost guarantee a player a win, except for the element of dice rolling in this classic board game. Because of this element, Risk can be a relaxing yet strategic game for mature audiences.

6. Life

Like Risk, Life is another board game that can be relaxing and fun for adult audiences. Life is the classic game in which players live out imaginary lives by circling a board, drawing life tiles and earning money depending on their professions and levels of education. Disaster can strike, children are born, and insurance must be paid in this semi-realistic (but luckily stress-free because it is only a board game) representation of real life. Players move about the board in cars by spinning a dial of the numbers one through ten.

7. Backgammon

This board game embodies the sophisticated simplicity that appeals to the adult board-game playing population. In this two-player game, opponents move their playing pieces around the board in opposite directions, trying to both eliminate their opponent’s pieces by landing on them, and moving all their pieces to their inner table, in order to move the pieces home. The first player to move all their pieces home wins.

8. Checkers

Similar to but more simple than chess, checkers is a two-player game in which opponents alternate moving their pieces. The first player to eliminate all of the opponent’s pieces wins. Checkers can be played casually with your family or even in tournaments for the avid fan. In many cultures it’s the game to play with neighbors and relatives. Yes, even over chess.

9. Pictionary

This game appeals to adult audiences because of its interpretive nature. Players move around the board by correctly guessing what their teammates draw, and the first player to reach the end of the board wins.

10. Monopoly

There are few households in the United States without at least a dust-covered version of this game in some nook or cranny. Monopoly is
the classic game that appeals to those who love money, as they circle the board buying or selling properties, paying taxes, and going to jail. The character pieces in this game are simple, everyday objects, made of metal. The real estate-inspired nature of this game caters to adult audiences.

Although board games were originally intended for children, adults can have just as much, if not more, fun with these iconic American pastimes. Whether they serve for relaxation purposes or for purposes of competition, board games that target adult audiences are among the most popular in the United States.